Welcome, Shorthanders!

Welcome CHESSS-ites, to your new home. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new website and forum more than the old Google Groups discussion area.

As I dig out from under 24 inches of snow, sailing seems kind of far away, but it's really not. It's almost February, temperatures are forecast to climb above freezing and tax refund time is here, which means boat bucks!

For those curious about CHESSS, we are the Chesapeake Shorthanded Sailing Society.

"Shorthanded" is a consolidated term referring to solo or 2-person sailing. That's 2 max, no matter the size of the vessel. The purpose of the Society is to gather like-minded sailors together who enjoy racing, cruising and the challenges of seamanship with minimal crew. We use races and "challenges" to develop and implement ever-improving methods and equipment for safe, shorthanded sailing.

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