CHESSS News for April

Hello all,

Like many of you, I'm rushing like mad to get free of spring chores and get Old Shoes ready for sailing.

I hope to see you on the line this year at at least a few of the many races on the bay.

On that note, if you hear of a race that you think we should participate in, please contact me right away, so that we can petition that club for a CHESSS start. I'll try to put together a poll to see who's going to attend the races in our current schedule on the home page.

Our kickoff event, the WRSC Shorthand Classic is on Saturday, May 7th. As per last year, if anyone needs a berth the night before or after, WRSC can accommodate you. Please contact me and I'll make the necessary arrangements. There will be an after-party, with food and beverages put on by our incredible food service. Prices are on par or cheaper than most clubs on the bay.

You can reach me at:

By now, most of you should have been contacted by one of our Board Members At Large, to fill out a quick survey so that we can build our member roster. Chuck Scheaffer has done a fantastic job of putting a survey that asks relevant questions and gathering everyone's contact info and compiling that into an excellent member directory.

This isn't just a list of names and email addresses. For those that fully completed the survey, there's information on their boat, detailed information on sailors' specific experience level. If you peruse the list, you may find a neighbor, make a new friend, or find someone who has found a solution for a problem that you are having.

The directory can now be accessed under the "MEMBERS" section of the website. It is password protected from casual site viewers to protect your personal information. The password is: J1bandM@in Please do not share the password or spreadsheet with non-members

Spring is finally here, good sailing and good luck to you all,

Rich A.

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