CHESSS to the West!


CHESSS TO THE WEST CHALLENGE RENDEZVOUS May 7th and 8th. ********************************* Join us for the kickoff event of the new CHESSS Challenge Series. The intent of the Challenge Series is to gain the experience necessary to make LONG distance solo journeys and to eventually put that experience to the test. Some think sailing solo is the ultimate personal sailing challenge. Whether it be solo day hops around the Chesapeake, solo coastal passages to New England or the Florida Keys, or solo journeys to Bermuda and beyond we all know there are many lessons to be learned to become a proficient solo sailor and school is never out!! If you are already experienced we need your input and advice. If you're new to solo sailing and desire to expand your skill set plan your sail carefully as well as cautiously, but step off the dock, and start to enjoy the joy and immense satisfaction of doing it alone. Come join us for our first on the water overnight solo challenge. ITINERARY: Saturday, May 7 - head for Galesville on the West River. 1500-1800: - Raftup in Galesville Harbor at the mouth of the West River for boat tours and sundowners. Boat tours are to show off your systems on your boat and rigs for making solo sailing easier as well as to learn what works for others. It's a learning curve and the more we share the better solo sailors we can become. Look for the Maryland state flag flying from the starboard spreader. That's us!! And don't be shy. None of us really knows each other so you'll fit right in. 1800: Dinner and drinks onboard your own boat or hop in your dinghy and head for one of the bars/restaurants in Galesville. We have Thursdays which can get loud (and fun) or for a quieter evening folks can opt for Pirates Cove. Bring a snack to share. Depending on weather or for those who wish to anchor out alone rafts might need to break up at some point. For those who wish to remain rafted up a watch person can be appointed in shifts to insure against dragging. Every third or 4th boat in raftup should be anchored. Don't forget to bring your bumpers. Sunday, May 8th 0800-1000 - Coffee and breakfast aboard your own boat or wait until 0900 and get back in the dinghy's to head over to Pirates Cove for their Sunday Brunch. We will have a Challenge Series meeting at same time. This will be an open forum to ask questions, discuss what works, banter a bit, and share our individual solo sailing goals with each other. In the meeting we will define individual challenges and firm up more Rendezvous dates. The plan is to use Rendezvous's as a chance to meet and review program particulars. Break up as desired for the trip back to our home ports.

___________________________________________________________________ UPCOMING EVENTS:

June 24-26 CHESS Two Nighter. First night in or near Annapolis (St Helena's Island). The second night at St Michaels. July 29-30 CHESS Over Night Sailing to St Mary's, MD August 27-28 Up the Chester September 15-17 CHESS Down The Bay to Hampton October 15-16 CHESS to the Magothy June, 2017 The CHESS DELMARVA Summer Soltice And don't forget: INDIVIDUAL DISTANCE CHALLENGE Since this is all about learning to confidently sail solo we will set up distance benchmarks that can be completed at anytime and in any direction that suits the captain. We will have three initial "non-stop" distances to attempt: 25 mile, 50 mile, and 100 mile. All a captain has to do is keep a log to include starting time and location, finish time and location, with other pertinent log info and present it to the group. Details as to weather conditions, wind speed, and anything you learned along the way will be published if provided. We will post names, distance, and dates upon completion as well as any notes provided. (The Great Lakes group REQUIRES a minimum 100 mile solo non-stop sail before being allowed to enter any of their ultimate challenges of over 200 miles.) Individual Distance Challenges have no set schedule. Do one when you have time and sail wherever you want to go.

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