The Scoop- WRSC Shorthand Classic

We spend a lot of our time talking, planning and plotting how to survive heavy weather, but the other challenge that we give little thought to, is sailing effectively in very light airs.

For the second year in a row, the WRSC Shorthand Classic has been short on breeze. This year, racers experienced the added bonus of a 4 knot current ripping down from the north due to runoff from non-stop rains.

Green Can "SR" near Thomas Point Light was doing a fair imitation of a powerboat with a very visible wake streaming from it, and people had to work hard to stay above the starting line and avoid becoming too cozy with the RC boat and local fishermen in the area.

13 racers participated, which isn't bad considering that many people are far behind on their launching schedule due to the long running, poor weather conditions.

In the Spinnaker Division:

1st: Yellow Bird- J/80

2nd: Zalek- J/33

3rd: Vee Two One- Venture 21

JAM (Jib & Main) Division:

1st: Orion- Hanse 371

Multi-hull Division:

1st: Tri-Therapy- Dash 24

2nd: Flipper- Gougeon 32

Full race results here:

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