The Official CHESSS Burgee?

Hello everyone!

After much hard work and debate, the board is presenting 4 possible designs to the membership for the official CHESSS Burgee!

Voting will be open for one week, until midnight, February 22nd. One vote per member, please.

Once the winner is selected, orders for the burgee will be taken and they will be produced for any member who wants one.

Click HERE to view the choices and cast your vote:

The meaning behind the burgees:

The CBYRA recognized class flag for CHESSS is the 3rd Repeater, hence the colors and the pattern. The chessboard is also divided into light and dark. The Rook is a strong piece that works solo, or in pairs after "castling, just as single and doublehanded sailors. The Knight is a powerful, dynamic piece that works best where all the action is.

Another factor in the design- In order to be distinctive and identifiable from a distance, small flags should be simple and have a bold, contrasting pattern.


Rich A.

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