The CHESSS Burgee has been chosen!


The members have selected burgee #4 as the official CHESSS burgee!

The voting was extremely close with a near, 3-way tie. Option #4 won by one vote! We're going to slightly adjust the proportions of the knight's head and the text to improve the overall attractiveness of the burgee.

The text is only meant to be legible when viewed up close. The white background and black stripe reflect the relationship to our CBYRA class flag- 3rd Repeater.

The board is going to solicit price quotes from a few vendors. We will then take orders from the members to produce these burgees and we'll distribute them at the CHESSS Spring Social in April! The exact date is "to be announced."

Changing tacks for a moment:

I sincerely hope everyone has been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to catch up on needed maintenance and get your boats back into "fighting trim." We've had several new members sign up this winter which could result in our highest participation rates yet. Over the coming months, I'll be *ahem* encouraging you all to participate in races and CHESSS Challenges.

We also intend to beef up our image with more on the water photography and hopefully some drone footage. Who wouldn't want aerial footage and photos of their boat?

See you out there,

Rich A.


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