Do you need to be Challenged?

In past newsletters and meetings, I've mentioned the concept of CHESSS Challenges but haven't provided a lot of detail. Since spring has hit the "pause" button and I'm iced in, this is a good time to roll out our newest "product" that Garner Bennett has been diligently working on. We suspect that there is a significant segment of our membership that wants to become more proficient at handling their large boat solo or with a partner, but is not interested in racing for a variety of reasons.

A CHESSS Challenge is an organized event with a clearly defined start and finish location. The starting time is posted, but is flexible. You just "go." There is no starting sequence, horns or flags. You "finish" whenever you arrive. There is no TLE, DNF or any other racing alphabet soup to concern yourself with. A Challenge offers the opportunity to clock some miles while sailing in the company of other boats, some of whom may be able to assist you with advice or local knowledge of the sailing area. The Challenges will be classified into different difficulty levels to help you select one best suited to your personal goals. There is a great social component to the Challenges as well! Raft up afterwards, share your lessons with the others. Share food and drink!

Challenges will be announced using a "NOC" or "Notice of Challenge." The notice will provided detailed sailing instructions, locations, and chart insets when appropriate (not to be used as a substitute for proper charts and navigational tools.) We'll typically publish these notices on all of our media outlets- Facebook, the CHESSS website and our Google discussion forum. Below is a sample of a NOC.

What we need from the membership is an indication of your level of interest in these events. I'll kick off a discussion on the Google forum. Please jump in and let us know if this interests you. If you're not a racer but you still don't see the value in this, tell us why. If you notice an omission of important information, tell us what you think we should put in the NOC.

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