A Busy CHESSSboard

Wow, May (and June) have shaped up to be very active months for CHESSS!

We are steadily expanding into longer, more challenging races and integrating non-racing, educational events into our repertoire.

- 5 doublehanded entries in the Down the Bay race, which is 120 miles.

- 3 Pogo Mini entries in the Bermuda 1-2 which is 635 miles! Way to represent!

- 4 entries in the (unfortunately abandoned) Miles River Race.

- 3 entries in the SCC/GIYS Spring Regatta

- 6 entries in the upcoming PSA Moonlight Race.

- 5 entries in the first CHESSS Challenge shorthanded experience builder!

- 3 entries have been female skippers racing their own boats.

We have a few over 100 members in the Society. The participation rates boil down to approximately 12% for the WRSC Shorthand Classic and then between 3% and 6% for the other events. Although I am thrilled that we have participated in several events so early in the season (and some high visibility, difficult events) I would really love to see our participation in the 10% range.

Without a doubt, the skippers who have participated have had an outstanding time, and shared great stories and lessons from their experiences. If you haven't sailed with us yet, I strongly urge you to do so. Come get in on all the fun! Build your experience and confidence!

If you are new and have concerns or questions about single or doublehanding your boat, the board and Society members are standing by to answer your questions and work with you. That's what we're all about. There are several way to interact:

Participate on the Google forum:!forum/chesbaysshsa

Our Facebook page:

Use the new "Resources" tab on the website:

Email our CHESSS Challenge coordinator at:

I hope to see many of you out there.


Rich A.

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