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Hello everyone,

Summer has been busy. Some races have been a bust and some have had excellent turnout. Some of our members have organized themselves and enjoyed joint solo sails to various destinations on the bay. Overall, it's shaping up to be an excellent season for CHESSS.

Looking towards the near future, I'd like to remind everyone that the PSA Race to Rockhall is coming up shortly, and so is this year's final "organized" CHESSS Challenge. This Challenge is the longest one yet, about 40 miles from Thomas Point Light, to Solomon's Island. Sign-up links and documents for both links are right on the home page under "Events." Please make sure you sign up for the Challenge if you intend to participate so that we have an accurate headcount for organizational purposes.

Something that I've allowed to fall through the cracks, is that our board members write and submit frequent articles to Spinsheet Magazine. These articles also get posted under the "News" section on the website. Although I usually post the articles promptly, I fail to call attention to them. Do check out the "News" section or look for us in Spinsheet Magazine. Don't forget to check the "Resources" section for helpful articles on singlehanding techniques.

Speaking of articles, we want to hear from you! Maybe you didn't do the Bermuda 1-2, maybe you successfully anchored under sail, alone, for the first time. You don't need to be a rock star. If you have a story to share, email it to: No victory is too small. Pictures are great, but not required.

Save the date!

The biannual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, December 2nd. Location to be announced.

We have actual club business to discuss regarding the club's path in the near future. We want and need member input! We'll be discussing next year's event calendar, and will attempt to mesh the Challenges and races together in a way that everyone can enjoy, and hopefully avoids calendar conflicts. The current term for your board members is almost up! It's time to start thinking about nominating some new blood and give your hardworking volunteers an opportunity to stand down and enjoy the club. We also plan to have "subject matter experts" host a discussion and do a little Q&A to the members. Details will be forthcoming in future newsletters.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, the board has put together a brief survey to help us understand if we're providing the types of services and activities that the members find useful or valuable. It's about 10 questions, so please give us 2 minutes of your valuable time. The survey will be emailed to everyone shortly. If you don't receive it in a day or so, please check your spam folder.

See you out there!

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