Gearing Up for the 2018 Sailing Season!

Hello fellow CHESSSmates,

It is the latter half of January and your board has been hard at work, planning the 2018 sailing season as well as laying out the groundwork for the future of CHESSS. I'll explain that momentarily but first, I'd like to welcome Jack Benson and John Enderle as our two new board "Members at Large." Jack will be assisting Chuck Schaeffer with marketing and assisting me with fine tuning our web presence. John will be working with Garner Bennett on building the CHESSS Challenge program as well as our racing elements.

In the past few years, my approach to race organization has been somewhat haphazard and lacking in organization. For the 2018 season, we compiled a ballot with the most heavily attended races and asked you, the members to vote for your most preferred six races. On January 20th, I will attend the CBYRA Collaboration Meeting to confirm CHESSS participation in those races with the sponsoring clubs. Garnet Bennett has also compiled the 2018 CHESSS Challenge schedule based upon weather, time of year, and coordination of interesting events happening around the Chesapeake Bay.

What is the result of this work? The entire combined schedule of events for 2018 is posted on the website right now, to aid YOU, the member in your sailing planning. We hope that you will use this information to maximize your participation with us. There will be some minor adjustments, and we do need to settle upon a date for the new, Night Challenge that we're planning, but by and large, the posted schedule is trustworthy.

The board is seeking volunteers to promote each of these races within the club. Each volunteer will act as the event promoter and cheerleader to encourage the members to come out and race. The board is also seeking Challenge Leaders. The Leader will encourage participation as well as be the "convoy commander" for a Challenge. The event will already be planned and documented. The Leader only need sail in the event and work with the participants during the Challenge. Volunteer today by emailing:

In the coming days, we'll be sending out another notice with the language for the Incorporation Proposal that the board will put before the club members at the March 3rd General Meeting. Please watch for it.

Please visit the CHESSS website and glance at the year's schedule.


Rich A.

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