March General Meeting & Proposals

Hello everyone,

As promised last month, I'm writing to present you with major proposals for CHESSS to be voted on by YOU, the membership at our bi-annual general meeting.

WHAT: 2018 Bi-Annual General Meeting.

WHO: Your hard working executive board, and all Charter and Regular members. (Non-members are encouraged to attend and sign up!)

WHEN: Saturday, March 3rd. 11am - 1pm.

WHERE: Union Jack's Pub- 2072 Somerville Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

WHY: To vote on several proposals that are key to the future of CHESSS, its operation, and growth.

SUMMARY: The board has defined the processes required to insure the club, and to incorporate as a tax-exempt entity. The board has also determined the minimum number of members and dollar amount of annual club dues required to sustain insurance and incorporation. The board is also proposing some minor changes to the constitution language, and has a proposal to become a CBYRA sanctioned class.

These proposals must be voted on by the general membership. This is YOUR club. Please attend and vote on these initiatives so that the executive board can steer the club along the path desired by the members.

- Why buy insurance?

Insurance isn't just coverage for hosting regattas! Insurance protects the club and the executive board from liability whenever we get together! Insurance allows us to act as responsible guests when other clubs host us. Insurance also covers us at CHESSS sponsored events such as our Challenge sails.

- Why incorporate?

This is the old "chicken and the egg" discussion. We need to incorporate in order to purchase insurance. If approved, we will incorporate as a tax-exempt entity. The costs incurred are one-time expenses. This is also part of the finance requirements if we start collecting annual dues.

- Why collect dues?

For the last few years, our expenses have been borne out of pocket by the executive board and by generous donations from contributing members, and fund raising efforts, such as the club burgee sales. As the club grows and more services are offered, it become more difficult to sustain club operations based on ad-hoc donations. A fixed dues structure helps us plan and fund the things that you care about...such as trophies and social events!

- Why become a sanctioned class?

Since the inception of CHESSS, we've been lumped in as a sub-class of PHRF in order to allow the bay clubs to give us our own class starts. PHRF is also treating us as an extension of their fleet. Becoming sanctioned will let us become a distinct, recognized class by CBYRA and not subject to any decisions that PHRF makes about their fleet, and it carries no financial cost!

- How much is all this going to cost me? CHESSS used to be free!

If these proposals do not pass, CHESSS will still be free. We'll just be limited in the things we can do, and the services we can provide.

After much discussion, the board has set annual dues for Regular and Charter members at $40/year.

- So, how do I vote?

1. Attend the meeting on March 3rd, or

2. Assign your vote to a proxy who will attend the meeting, or

3. Vote by absentee ballot, via email

Please note that the above summary is not the official proposal language. Go to the CHESSS web page to download and read the specific proposals so that you may cast an informed vote. The two files are right on the homepage: You can also download them by clicking here and here.

Folks, we have over 100 Regular members. This should not be decided by 10 or 15 people. These are bigger decisions than normal, and we'd really like some debate on the floor at the meeting. Please try your best to attend. If you can't, please read the proposals and vote using option 2 or 3.

Thank you for your patience,


Rich Acuti

Commodore, CHESSS

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