The Long, Long, Winter.

Hello everyone,

In the absence of decent sailing (or even maintenance) weather, your board has been hard at work running down the various proposals approved at the March general meeting.

So far, we have obtained a Federal tax number, a PO Box for an official address and we are shopping hard for a small business bank account that won't hammer us to death with fees.

You should soon expect to see invoices for annual dues in your email. Our plan is to accept electronic payments in the form of Paypal and/or credit cards as well as personal checks and money orders at the official mailing address. We will most likely add a very modest processing fee to electronic payments to cover what fees Paypal and credit cards assess us.

The official mailing address is:

Chesapeake Shorthanded Sailing Society (CHESSS)

PO Box 3184

Annapolis, Md 21403

Annual dues, general correspondence and entry fees for any CHESSS sponsored events may be mailed to this address.

Changing gears to discuss the sailing season, the board has done a good job of advance planning and our schedule of events for the entire year, is posted on the web site's home page at: If you haven't yet, please take a look at it. We built the schedule early to give our members the ability to plan their sailing with us around their work and family obligations.

We really want to get the members more involved in the operations of the club and its events. We are looking for volunteers to look at the schedule, choose ONE event that matters to them, that they intend to participate in, and actively promote it among the members via email, our Facebook page and our Google forum. We are also looking for CHESSS Challenge convoy captains and alternates. If you have offshore or Chesapeake Bay shorthanded sailing experience and would like to lead a CHESSS Challenge group, please email our Vice Commo at: To volunteer to promote a race, please email me at

By volunteering to promote just one event, you are performing a huge service to your club and providing invaluable assistance to the board.

Spring is dragging its feet, but it's definitely coming. Thanks for your patience and time,


Rich Acuti

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