CHESSS Events are Starting!

Hey gang, registration is OPEN for the first few events of the year! Down the Bay Race, the Rhode River Challenge and the Solomon's Island Challenge registration are now active!

To register or download the SI's, simply visit the website and click the links in the schedule. Remember: Races are in RED text and CHESSS Challenges are in GREEN text. If races aren't your interest but you'd like to increase your solo or doublehanded sailing experience, CHESSS Challenges are for you! Rendezvous at the starting area and convoy with the group to the destination in the Sailing Instructions. There's no fixed course and no "rules" other than the COLREGS. Radio chatter is encouraged. Practice sailing techniques in a shorthanded setting such as: reefing, heaving-to, sailing on and off of your anchor at the destination. Gain experience with DSC VHF operations. Lessons learned discussion and social gathering at the finish area.

CHESSS Challenges are going to grow in length and difficulty over time, so as your skills improve, so will the Challenges!

We are also seeking Convoy Captains and alternates for our Challenges. Respond here, PM me on Facebook, or click the registration links to apply!

As event registrations open up, I will be seeking volunteers to promote the calendar events to the members. Remember, we only have 6 races and 7 Challenges for the whole season. The intent was to consolidate participation into fewer, higher quality events rather than spread ourselves thinly across many events, so please check your work and social calendars against the website's event schedule and book your vacations early so that you can join us!

It's been a long, grinding winter so I'm really looking forward to seeing you out there! Cheers, Rich A.

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