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Hello everyone,

It's been a quiet start to the season. First, the "winter that wouldn't die" which delayed everyone's spring preparations and now the "boundary that has put down roots" has brought nearly biblical amounts of rain.

So what's been happening?

First, Bob Dunigan won the Doublehanded Class of the Hampton Yacht Club Down the Bay Race in his very fast "Jane Says." If I'm not mistaken, Bob, Greg Cutter, Vernon Hultzer and Steven Gay will be entering the Bermuda Race this year, so this was just a warm up for them.

Next, the Rhode River Challenge was washed out but no worries, the Solomon's Island Challenge is fast approaching on June 23rd. Remember, the Challenges are non-racing experience builders. Convoy with your fellow members, enjoy a raftup at the destination and exchange lessons learned.

We've done a fair job of not conflicting the Challenges with the Races so that you don't have to choose between them. June 9th, the Potapskut Sailing Association puts on their annual Moonlight Race. I cannot recommend this race highly enough. PSA's hospitality is legendary. They offer dockage for the folks with a long delivery, their moonlight breakfast spread is incredible and they are very good about setting a great course that offers excellent racing.

As always, go to the CHESSS homepage and click the links to register for these events.

On the Administrative front, the board has obtained a trademark, registered with the state and opened a bank account. We're just about ready to send out membership dues invoices. Members can pay via Paypal or mail personal checks to the CHESSS PO box. Instructions will be included in your invoice.

I hope to see you out there!


Rich A.

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