Hello all,

It's April 8th and our first race on the website calendar is only a little over a month away, on Saturday, May 11th, the AYC Spring Oxford Race.

Please visit the CHESSS homepage or our Facebook page for a link to registration. We have two boats and need at least 3 more to participate.

Your Vice Commodore has done a great job of re-working the CHESSS Challenges to coincide with fun and interesting social events at classic maritime towns on the Chesapeake. I'll be adding these to the web homepage soon. Several of you have requested additional social events to mix it up with other members, and we think these will get your attention and interest.

Some of you may be wondering- "What became of the Spring General Meeting?" The board has realized that no one wants to sit in a dim, smokey pub to endure "Death by Powerpoint" on a sunny spring day. We are initiating the 1st Annual Gather & Gab Race and General Meeting. We'll publish the date soon. The "race" part will be a short, casual affair near Hackett's Point, Annapolis. The "Gather & Gab" will be a raft-up in Mill Creek. An anchor boat will be waiting for us. Those who do not wish to race can rendezvous with the anchor boat straight away. A brief General Meeting will be held as we munch on picnic food.

Your Treasurer has gone above and beyond to secure unconventional sources of funding in order to keep our dues low and provide maximum value to our members. The Treasurer has petitioned Northrop Grumman for support and they have donated $1,000 dollars to us! Joe has also set up CHESSS as a donatable charity on Amazon Smile!. Simply visit, and search for CHESSS and select it as your preferred charity. Your Amazon order costs will NOT increase! If you have spouses who love to shop online, this could generate a steady stream of nickels and dimes for us.

I'll conclude by circling back to the racing scene- Race registration links are starting to open up. Several of our members requested races, and we have reached out to the clubs to secure starts and scoring for you. However, we need YOU to get your boat on the line. These clubs have minimum numbers (usually 5 or 6) that we need to meet in order to participate. Please watch the website and register when the registration links appear on the schedule. Please contact us at if you have questions about races or registration.

The weather for most of last year was simply awful. This year is looking much better. Shake off those winter doldrums and join us!


Rich Acuti


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