Upcoming CHESSS Events

Hey all,

The season is in full swing and it's time to build on our Oxford success. We have a couple of exciting events coming up fast.

First, this Saturday (6/8) is the PSA Moonlight Race. The Potapskut Sailing Association is a wonderful host club. In the wee hours after the race, they put on an incredible breakfast feast. The race is always challenging and fun. I encourage CHESSS sailors to participate in this event.

Next, on June 15th is the first CHESSS Challenge of 2019. Rendezvous at 10am with our Vice Commodore, Garner Bennett to sail over to St. Michael's to enjoy the CBMM's Classic Boat Festival. For those who can't switch off their racing gene, a casual race will run parallel to the Challenge. We encourage radio chatter and good times. SI's will be posted soon on Facebook and the website.

For those who would like to join the Challenge or the race over, please just send an email to stating your intention to be there. The event is free, we're not charging any registration fees. Please join us!

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