CHESSS Updates- North to South

Hey all,

Just a quick update:

The first CHESSS Challenge of 2019 was a success overall. The breeze was 15 with gusts to 25+ and the course to St. Michael's provided sailing on nearly every point, from running to reaching to close hauled. There were some equipment casualties, which the members handled with skill. Applause to Vice Commo Garner Bennett for rendering assistance to Rover, who suffered an engine casualty.

This is what it's all about- the Challenges aren't just "cruises" they are meant to exercise your sailing ability and your ability to think on your feet, improvise and repair. After the "meat and potatoes" of the sail over, we spent the afternoon walking the docks, checking out the fascinating array of classic sail and motor vessels on display at the Classic Boat Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. We wrapped up with a delicious meal at the Crab Claw, a St. Michael's tradition. We all slept the sleep of the righteous, with cool temperatures down in the mid 60's with a perfect breeze flowing through out cabins.

Up next, is the Glenmar Sailing Association's Northern Bay Regatta on Saturday and Sunday, June 29/30th. The start is now at the Magothy River to attract sailors in the Annapolis area and points south. Once up in the northern reaches of the bay, the commercial traffic and recreational powerboats tend to disappear, making for an ideal sailing venue. I urge you to consider this event!

Please check the Facebook page and the webpage for registration information. You can also paste the link below, into your browser.

In the middle, we have the EYC Boomerang Race on July 13th and the Governor's Cup on Friday, August 2nd. Book your time off from work now!


Rich A.

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