Poplar Island Fiasco!

Hello all,

In keeping with the members' stated desires for dedicated CHESSS races, I'm announcing the Poplar Island Fiasco!

I used to chair this race for the West River Sailing Club and it was quite popular. The format, is a triangle shaped course, and YOU choose the direction that you wish to round the marks. This always produces interesting results as skippers attempt to read the wind and make a decision that plays to their boat's strengths but it doesn't always work out the way you expect!

The race is scheduled for Saturday, July 27th, which is nearly a month away, which should help skippers plan for it.

I've added links to registration and the NOR on the CHESSS home page:

To make the post race analysis really interesting, I'm asking all racers to download and run the racing app RaceQs on their smartphone. Create an account on their website and install the app on your phone. It's fairly intuitive.

Lastly, regarding other summer races, we have four commitments for the TAYC Summer Oxford, three each for the EYC Boomerang and Governor's Cup. If you are on the fence about any of these races, you now know that there are others who are participating. I'd like a minimum of 6 boats for a CHESSS start and scoring.

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