CHESSS Summer Updates

Hello all,

Just a quick write-up of things that have been happening, and things that will be happening-

First, Bob Dunigan of "Jane Says" took 1st place, CHESSS class in the Governor's Cup after a wild race that included pop-up storm cells, breeze from every direction, and a hazardous parade of commercial traffic that all culminated in a brutal drifter the last few miles to the finish line. Hard won, and well earned.

Please consult the website home page for the complete schedule, but here is a summary of upcoming events:

- Saturday, 8/9: Waterman's Appreciation Day CHESSS Challenge. Rendezvous with your Vice Commo at buoy "SR" at Thomas Pt. Light at 10am to sail over to St. Michael's for this fun and fascinating festival. The forecast is for gorgeous weather and breezes. Just show up, no registration or fees.

- Saturday, 8/9: For those who fancy something more competitive, Summer Oxford is this weekend, but move fast if we're going to have a class.

- Saturday, 8/17: CRAB Cup Charity Regatta:

Our own John Zseleczky of "Old Blue" had an excellent solo cruise and documented the hell out of it with excellent write-ups, charts and photos. Click the .PDF file right here. It's excellent reading. If you have taken an interesting solo or doublehanded trip, we'd love to hear about it. Email your story to:

Lastly, just remember- you don't have to race or sail large boats. If you're singlehanding a wooden pallet with a blue tarp for a sail, we'd still love to hear your story. When I just don't have time to sail my Tartan, I can rig my 9 foot Dyer in 10 minutes and be gone I've sailed this little squirt for miles!

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