CHESSS Attains Sanctioned Status

Hello Members,

Today is September 11th and for many of us, our thoughts turn to feelings of remembrance and sacrifice as we recall the attacks of September 11th, 2001. Although it is appropriate that we take time for somber reflection, it is also appropriate that we live our lives and go about our regular business as a demonstration that we will not allow fear to rob us of our freedoms and our aspirations.

On that note, I am very pleased to report that CHESSS has been provisionally granted status as an official class by the board of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association. Why did we do this? What does it mean? What are the next steps for CHESSS?

Why: The general membership voted unanimously to direct the board to pursue status as a sanctioned class at the March 3rd 2018 General Meeting. It was agreed that being an official sanctioned class of the racing community would improve our visibility and thus improve our participation and member recruitment.

What it means to you: It means that CHESSS has a voice and a vote on racing matters within the Chesapeake Bay. It means that we can vote on things like rules, safety, the annual racing calendar. Our voice matters just as much as any one-design class or PHRF and its sub-classes. Speaking of PHRF- this also means that we will now stop operating as a sub-class of PHRF. We are our own, independent entity.

What are the next steps: The board of CBYRA can grant provisional sanction, but it takes a vote of the member clubs of CBYRA at their General Meeting to grant permanent sanction. A vote will be called at the December, 2019 CBYRA General Meeting. Neither CHESSS nor the board of CBYRA anticipate any obstacles to passing the motion. CHESSS will pay $250 in annual dues to maintain good standing as a member club with CBYRA. CHESSS will be required to host at least one interclub race each year, or host at least one sailing education seminar open to CBYRA member clubs.

It's been a long road of hard work and a giant pile of administrivia to tick all the boxes to qualify CHESSS for sanctioned status. I would like to thank Secretary Jeff Halpern and Treasurer Joe Gillis for their dogged determination in obtaining insurance, setting up bank accounts, dues structure, obtaining trademarks and 501c3 status and a host of other minutia.

CHESSS is now part of a long tradition of racing and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Our club is real and solid and when you fly your burgees on the starting line, or at anchor, you know that it really means something.

Respectfully yours,

Rich Acuti


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