CHESSS 2020 Events!

Happy Meteorological Spring, everyone!

Although we've been quiet, the board has been hard at work. To bring you up to date, at the Fall Meeting in 2019, we took on new board members:

Joe Gillis was replaced by Jeff Halpern as Treasurer, Ted Slotwinski replaced Jeff Halpern as Secretary, Michael Grove replaced Garner Bennett as Vice Commodore. Garner Bennett now occupies the Member at Large for Challenges and Social slot and Dave Tabor is our Member At Large for Offshore Sailing.

The next Big News: CHESSS is now a fully sanctioned fleet and member of CBYRA. This gives CHESSS a voice and a vote in racing matters in the Chesapeake Bay. Shorthanded Racing is on the ascent virtually everywhere and CHESSS is well positioned to fill this niche. With membership in CBYRA also comes obligations. We are required to maintain insurance, a US Sailing club membership, pay annual dues to CYBRA and to also host at least one inter-club racing event on the Bay.

On that note, our first inter-club event on the bay will be the Poplar Island Race. This race was quite popular in the past. The course is a random leg triangle around government marks, south of Thomas Point Lighthouse. The hitch is that skippers can choose which way around the course to go! This causes skippers to analyze the wind and sailing characteristics of their boat, and sail the most optimal course. It's always a blast to see if everyone is the master tactician that they think they are!

Finally, we have selected Saturday, April 18th for the 2nd Annual CHESSS Gather 'n Gab. Location: White Hall Bay, near Greenbury Point, Annapolis. For those who don't know, the Gather 'n Gab serves as our Spring General Meeting. No one wants to waste a beautiful, spring day in a dark pub looking at Power Point slides when we could be on the water, right? This year, we will host a "start clinic" to help racers blow the rust off of their starting maneuvers. There will be several repetitive starts offered for 30-60 minutes depending on attendance. Then, all boats will meander a short distance up Mill Creek for a raft-up where we'll have a short meeting and answer any questions about upcoming events and club matters. Members are requested to provide their own drinks and bring a small snack/veg/fruit platter to share.

An important note: The start clinic at the Gather 'n Gab serves 2 purposes. Not only does it give YOU the chance to practice your starts in a safe, controlled environment, the clinic is also intended to give our Race Committee practice in starting races so that we host a smooth, enjoyable Poplar Island Race. Please try to attend the start clinic so that our Race Committee can get the practice they need to become proficient.

The CHESSS website homepage has been updated with the year's schedule. Clickable links to event registration pages will be added as they are opened by their hosting clubs. Please review our web's home page now, and check back each week or so for updates.

Take advantage of the mild weather to get your boat ready and join us!

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Rich Acuti

Commodore, CHESSS

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