Gather 'n Gab!

Hey fellow CHESSSmates,

Don't forget, the 2nd Annual Gather 'n Gab will be held in/near Whitehall Bay, Annapolis on Saturday, April 18th!

Rendezvous in the vicinity of Whitehall Bay for our "start clinic" to hone your starting line skills. The clinic also serves to give our Race Committee the practice they need to make the Poplar Island Race (Saturday, June 6th) a smooth operation. We'd like enough boats to divide into at least 2 "classes" or groups so that the committee can practice rolling starts.

Reluctant skipper? No problem! Email us at: and we'll connect you with an experienced solo racer. This is your chance to practice your racing starts in a more controlled environment. Take advantage of this opportunity!

After several practice runs, we'll adjourn and all skippers are encouraged to idle into nearby Mill Creek where we will raft up for drinks, snacks and a brief General Meeting. Weather permitting, we'll have a drone on hand to take aerial photos of the raft up!

If you want to attend the raft-up but cannot bring your boat, we can shuttle you from shore to ship. To request a dinghy hop, email us at:

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