Distance Learning Opportunities!

Hey gang,

Sorry for the short notice, but I wanted to share two "distance learning" opportunities that are FREE!

The first is Quantum Sails, TONIGHT, April 28th. This link takes you to Quantum's "Live Video Series Schedule."

The second talk is by our own Ben Corson, who is purchasing Dehler 30, USA1. This talk is on Thursday, April 30th at NOON.

This is hosted by North Point Yacht Sails, on Facebook Live.

The third opportunity, is Eastport Yacht Club's "Trim for Control" seminar this Saturday, May 2nd from 2pm-3pm:

Click the link above. You can click it early to test for compatibility. Uses Chrome, Firefox, Edge or the "Meet" app on your phone.

Also, you can join by phone: +1 712-318-2661 Enter PIN: 386 395 218#

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