CHESSS- The Sun is Out

Hello all,

....and just like that, we were allowed to go sailing again. Also, rafting up with precautions seems allowed, according to my latest intelligence.

I have information on two items:

First, we've elected to hold the 2nd Annual CHESSS Gather 'n Gab.

When: It will be held on Saturday, June 6th.

Where: Whitehall Bay, then moving into Mill Creek for a raft-up.

What: We intend to hold the racing start clinic, barring race committee and equipment difficulties.

Caveats: When we raft up, folks should remain on their own boats. Please, provision for yourselves and do not share food, drink or utensils.

Although the state now allows up to 10 people on a boat with social distancing, our insurance carrier has different thoughts on the matter. For now, let's be content to gather and talk across our side decks or cockpits. More details such as the exact time and rendezvous coordinates will be forthcoming.

Second item- Club shirts. Embedded in this email, you'll find a draft of a shirt that I've been working. I do not yet have the cost or the minimum order information. The shirts will be on a pre-order basis, only. The shirt style is the button down bowling league shirt in a tech fabric. We're not stuck on this color, we can change it. Help me gauge the level of interest by responding on Facebook or responding to this email.


Rich A.


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