Short Fuse Racing!

Hello everyone,

The Gather & Gab was even bigger than last year! 14 boats on the starting line for our practice clinic and 12 boats (with nearly double the people) at the raft-up, afterwards!

The array of interesting and beautiful boats was fantastic to witness and indicates that CHESSS has broad appeal across a spectrum of sailors.

Here's the photo gallery to prove it: Gather & Gab Photo Gallery .

Sorry gang, there's no time to catch your breath. We're moving ahead at flank speed with your next event- The 2020 Poplar Island Race on Saturday, June 27th. Why the short notice? That day doesn't conflict with any other nearby event, and early July is when the Chesapeake really starts heating up and the air starts getting light. We're trying to give you a decent race before good sailing conditions peter out. Regrettably, the pandemic has thrown wrenches into our schedule so we're doing the best we can.

Remember, the Poplar Island race is a triangular course south of Thomas Point Lighthouse, around government marks. In a nod to the 3 Bridges Fiasco Race in San Francisco, YOU choose which direction around the course you wish to go! This race has always been popular and I've been asked to bring it back. Unfortunately, due to the scheduling snafus, this race will be unsanctioned and will not count for High Point. There will be trophies!!

Keep an eye on your email, Facebook and the webpage for coming details such as exact locations, times and the registration links. We'll be using RegattaNetwork.

Thanks for your flexibility and we hope to see you out there!


Rich Acuti

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