Poplar Island Race!

Hey gang,

I have a huge amount of information to impart to you, so hang on!

First, here is almost everything you need to know about the Poplar Island Race- Registration, NOR, Sailing Instructions, Course Illustrations!

Again, the race is Saturday, June 27th at 11am. The link above contains all the information you need, including illustrations showing the course and starting area. Remember, once you pass through the starting gate, YOU can decide which direction to round the marks! Find out if you're as smart as you think you are!

Next topic: CREW NEEDED:

Experienced Off-Shore Sailor Sought to Double-hand Delmarva.

A fully safety equipped Jeanneu 42DS ready to set sail at first weather window. Full inventory of sails: storm, Code Z and A-3. Safety equipment includes life raft, EPIRB and satellite communications. B&G Zeus 3 features broadband radar, Sirius weather and Predict Wind through Satellite.

Owner is experienced off-shore racer with numerous ocean, Gulf and Great Lakes accomplishments, including Bermuda, Halifax, Macinac and Mexico. Lives in Eastport; keeps boat at Port Annapolis Marina.

If you are experienced sailor possessing confidence, experience and a good sense of humor capable of planning and executing, email sailing experience to:

Final topic: Solo & Shorthanded Accomplishments

I've been trying to get our members to submit write-ups of trips, trials and tales of "derring-do" for ages now. Our own John Zselescky of "Old Blue" has submitted a high quality write-up of his cruise down to Tangier Island and back.

We want to read and share our members' exploits and lessons learned. Enjoy this article but also use it as an informal guide for submitting stories of your own journeys and things that you have learned out there.

Click HERE to read about John's Excellent Adventure.

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