Poplar Island Madness!!

Hi gang,

This is my final opportunity to address you before the race, tomorrow. A few brief notes:

- This will be our largest event that we've hosted and our first serious race, even though it is non-sanctioned. I have full faith in our race committee. They are experienced and gained practice at our starting clinic earlier in the month.

- READ the SI's and Amendments. There are TWO Amendments. Please READ them both. There are downloadable graphics illustrating the short and long courses. Please review them.

- We have very experienced and very green skippers mixing it up on the starting line. This isn't the Volvo Ocean Race. Be competitive, but please don't get unnecessarily aggressive with the new skippers. We're trying to encourage participation. Barging, yelling and collisions are counter-productive and make everybody frowny-faced.

- Give the Committee Boat some space. No barging, no snagging their anchor rode. (Did I mention, no barging?) The Committee Boat is a Pearson 36.7 cutter. It's a solid boat and I assure you, you will lose in a collision. The skipper is a large, bearded, angry man. Don't incentivize him.

- Check-in by VHF on Ch. 68 is encouraged. Check-in via sail-by is still acceptable.

- If you are NOT in your starting sequence, remain well north of the starting line until it's your turn to start. Do not mix it up with the class that is in their sequence.

- Remember, AFTER passing through the starting line (between the Committee Boat and buoy G1), you may sail around the course in EITHER direction! Have fun with it! Are you as smart as you think you are?

- Scores will be posted as soon as possible tomorrow evening, but it will not be "instant." Please be patient and keep checking the RegattaNetwork link.

- Trophies will be awarded at the CHESSS Fall General Meeting to encourage meeting attendance. If we experience an acceleration in the pandemic that prevents our gathering, we will mail them.

Our Treasurer and resident curmudgeon, Jeff Halpern will sit in on Spinsheet Magazine's July online Happy Hour to answer questions about CHESSS and to brag about how great we are.

As always, thanks for coming out, thanks for your support and I'll see you all on the starting line tomorrow.


Rich Acuti

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