CHESSS August Updates

Hello CHESSSmates,

We've had a brief hiatus after the roaring success of the Poplar Island Race to let the Chesapeake summer doldrums pass.  It's mid-August and now is the time to start thinking about fall racing and cruising! First, I have updated the web page with the list of CBYRA races that were rescheduled due to COVID.  If any of these races interest you and the hosting club doesn't seem to be offering a CHESSS class, contact me and I will petition the club for a class start! Next, we have scheduled our CHESSS Challenege (cruise) for September 5, 6, & 7 (Labor Day weekend).  The itinerary is to pick up southbound sailors at Thomas Point Light and continue south to one of the creeks in the Choptank River. A detailed itinerary will be published soon with instructions. We'll post a link on the web home page, on Facebook and I'll send an email blast to everyone. Finally, CHESSS has decided to host a final race on Saturday, October 3rd called "The Last Hurrah."  If you thought the Poplar Island format was fun, wait until we post the SI's for the Last Hurrah. This race will challenge your shorthanding abilities, for sure. There are no conflicting races that weekend, and the boat show is the following weekend, so I expect to see you all there!

This next section is dedicated to our members who shorthand a significant number of miles and submit a write-up of their journey and maybe some lessons learned.  John Zseleczky has great stories to share:  John's Poplar Island Race Experience:

Poplar Island race 2020 Old Blue
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