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Burgees $40


Embroidered, not printed. Very durable, and distinctive.

Polo shirt $30



Performance wicking material, gray.

Embroidered for added durability.

SOLD OUT:  Click here to inquire.

Hats- $20


Embroidered. One size fits most.

SOLD OUT:  Click here to inquire.

The CHESSS Burgee:  is based on the 3rd Repeater. 


The knight chess-piece symbolizes a living creature.  Similar to a boat, a horse improves an owner’s life in many ways and if used with skill, empowers him or her to do great things, maybe become a knight, like Sir Robin Knox Johnston.  Our knight faces into the wind.  The lettering is sized and grey colored so it is readable up close or from the deck but disappears at a distance of 30 to 40 feet.  The burgee is embroidered, (not printed like less expensive flags) is readable on both sides, and built to last a very long time.  Fly it proudly and may it inspire you to challenge yourself and help mentor others learning shorthanded sailing skills.


The website at www.chbaysss.org has a Resource Page to collect the wisdom of veteran skippers and share that knowledge.  Check it out.   (The latest article on solo spinnaker handling is priceless and if you hired a private sailing coach for the day, worth at least $300.)  If you can offer tips or advice on a shorthanding skill, please write it up and send to me for review: cdscheaffer@gmail.com


Goals this season. 

  • For racers, bent on competition, we’ve set a “six-pack” goal to have six CHESSS starters entered into six races.  So racers, please let us know which races you will enter as early as possible so other members can join you to get to that goal of six CHESSS.

  • For non-racers, we have three CHESSS Challenges planned to encourage more short handed  participation and build shorthanded sailing skills.  Please free up those dates and join us for a rare chance to come sailing and raft-up afterward with a group of skippers bent on helping others feel confident to sail more, sail better, sail safer, sail further shorthanded.


Thanks for purchasing a burgee and supporting CHESSS.


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